Monday, October 10, 2011

What We're Having . . . {for dinner!}

In the last year I've actually begun meal planning regularly. 
It fits with the part of me that dreams of being organized. (key word: dreams)
I got a kick-start from a meal-swap co-op I did with friends which filled me with cooking inspiration
and helped me to form the habit of planning meals (and shopping for them!) each week. 

Mondays are my planning and shopping day.

Here's my plan for this week:

Monday ~ fish tacos, rice, and beans
Tuesday ~ leftovers for the kiddos (date night!)
Wednesday ~ Giada's pork Milanese, rice pilaf, and brussel sprouts 
(we'll see if this one happens, it's a little more involved than my norm)
Thursday ~ burgers and sweet potato fries
Friday ~ teriyaki chicken and salad
Saturday ~ salmon, couscous, and salad

I try to plan which day I'll make each meal, but we're flexible 
and often a meal or two is dropped or switched as things come up and plans change.

Care to share what you're having for dinner?


  1. Tonight was Pioneer Woman's sweet-roasted rosemary acorn squash wedges and brown rice, yum!


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