Monday, October 17, 2011

Monday Meal Plan

Once again I'm planning the menu for the week. 
Last week I did manage to make Giada's Pork Milanese (woohoo! cheers! hurray!). 
It was the most popular meal of the week. I highly recommend it!

{click here for the link to the recipe}

We didn't use two of the meals I planned last week, 
since we spontaneously had dinner out one night and leftovers another. 
So, I can carry over those meals to this week.

Here's the plan:

Monday ~ Costco roasted chicken and green beans
Tuesday ~ grilled salmon, couscous, salad
Wednesday ~ pizza for the kids (date night!)
Thursday ~ teriyaki chicken, rice, pineapple, salad
Friday ~ grilled steak skewers, salad, pita and hummus

If you care to share ~
What are some of your family's favorite meals?


  1. I had some Costco parmesan cheese that was approaching its due date, so I made this:
    I doubled the recipe, and used 1 Cup of cream and 1 Cup of Milk and added some corn starch. I doubt it saved that many calories with all that butter and cheese...but it made me feel better. :-) We added chicken and angel hair pasta to it and had garlic bread and green beans with it.

    Then I made this:
    It is VERY good. When I make it next, I might use half the amount of beer and substitute with chicken broth, or use all chicken broth. The beer flavor was a bit strong for me.

    Thank you for sharing your meals!

  2. Yummy! Thanks for sharing these Melissa. It's always fun to get a little inspiration.


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