Monday, October 17, 2011

Party Like a Ninja

Today is Jack's birthday!
This weekend we celebrated ninja-style ~ 
silently, stealthily . . . ok, maybe not so much like ninjas, 
but we did our best.

The decorations were all black, red and white from the invitations to the cupcakes.
I made origami throwing stars for the ninja warrior training session.
{All links to inspiration and tutorials are at the end of this post.}

Jack was a red ninja ~ Hiya!

I made an enemy ninja as a target for the throwing stars.

Part of the warrior training was this string obstacle course. 
They had to try to slip through as stealthily as possible.

We had an expert ninja master to demonstrate the way of the ninja warrior.

He presented the ninja warriors with their headbands and swords.

After all the preparation and practice, the ninjas were let loose on the enemy.

I drew ninja masks on about 20 helium-filled balloons and anchored them around the front yard.
The kids attacked them and popped every last one! fast! faster than I could photograph.

I made sneaky ninja cupcakes for the victorious warriors.

Happy Birthday 5 year-old!

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  1. Yay for pictures! You are so creative. And Jack is the best.


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