Sunday, January 30, 2011

Old Things Renewed ~ The Dining Room

We live in a Craftsman-style bungalow home built around 1920 in a very "Leave it to Beaver" kind of tree-lined, know-your-neighbor, old-town downtown area. It's the kind of street the Hollywood-types sometimes scout for location shots 
for commercials they are hoping will appeal to all viewers. 
It's an average, slightly nostalgic, everyday, American kind of place.

I love the built-in character of our home--
the (drafty) windows and (creaky) hardwood floors. 

One of the happy challenges of living here is keeping 
my decorating/remodeling choices consistent 
(or at least not in conflict) with the existing 
architecture and atmosphere of the house.

Living in an old house makes me want to incorporate lots of old things--
so the different elements look collected over time and not just purchased yesterday.

I found the antique painting on ebay. 
The rocks are from my yard. 
The "Keep Calm and Carry On" sign was made for me by a dear friend.
(She must know about the challenges in my day.)

It's also a constant puzzle to figure out where to store things 
in this place with no hall closets and very limited cupboard space. 
This bench has storage under the seat.

I try to keep up with our family's shifting needs. 
Lately colored pencils, tape, scissors and crafty stuff 
have been in high demand. 
This is my attempt at keeping it pretty and functional.

The plain white linen curtains are a recent Ikea purchase. 
The chalkboard is something I put together--
pressed wooden board of some sort from Lowe's, 
painted with chalkboard paint and framed 
in an old frame I've been carting around for years.

And amaryllis bulbs planted in a soup tureen, 
reminding me that this is the time of the year when life asserts itself, 
starting fresh, pushing through the old, making something new.


  1. I love love your home and all the small and seemingly hidden nuances that suggest just what you say - a history, a collection over time, a place where love is growing and evolving and yet has existed for many years. You have made it an inviting and peaceful place for yourself and others!

  2. You have such a beautiful home, Laura! Lovely post-it's fun to see you point out some of the sweet details. =o)

  3. So wish I had your creative flare. Nothing is on my walls still because I just can't make a choice and dont have the eye. It is a gift and you certainly have it.

  4. friends are too kind!

  5. the color on your wall! What is it? Visiting from MMS furniture friday.

  6. this room is incredible. i love the color palette and all the thoughtful elements.

    hopping over from MMS :)


  7. Love it and and all the details, great photography too!

  8. Your home is beautiful and has such a peaceful inviting feel. I love the painting you found, it is a perfect fit. I will be following more of what you do!


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