Monday, August 29, 2011

California Coast ~ Two Views in Oil

 This summer I found a little bit of time to continue experimenting with oils.

In the weeks leading up to our family reunion, I completed two paintings as gifts 
for Carrie and Stephen and Christie and Jeff.

I wanted to send them home with a bit of California.
It's all a part of my devious plan to lure them to the West Coast once and for all.

This image reminds my of the coast near Monterey, 
a place we became familiar with while my parents lived in Aptos.

This more moody ocean view reminds me of Aptos itself, 
often blanketed in fog, the pine trees lining the cliffs overlooking the stormy sea.

How lovely if these paintings, hanging in my sisters' homes, 
reminded them that I wish they were here, and that I wish I were there.

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