Thursday, August 25, 2011

Summerland Inspiration {Bo-tan-ik}

While reunion-ing in Montecito, Scott and I stole away to Summerland for a bit 
to wander the antique shops (this reminded me of why I fake my antiques). 
A quick stroll around the sleepy shopping area brought us to Bo-tan-ik, 
an inspiring little garden boutique.

 I love the casual garden style they have on display.

~ lots of terra cotta pots, boxwood topiaries, wicker, and succulents ~

These woven willow obelisks were a fun discovery since I picked up two of them at my local Goodwill for about $4 each a few years ago. (You can see them here.) These ones were priced around $35 each.

I also spotted some golf ball kohuhu. 
I've been hunting it lately. (More on that later.) 
It looks a little like boxwood, but seems less woody. 
The stems are very dark and contrast with the rounded evergreen leaves.

The succulent arrangements were beautiful.

I love the variety of texture and shape while keeping the color palette simple. 
I guess I'm liking that indoors and out lately.

The garden vibe continued inside the shop with potted orchids, 
lots of natural wood, and bold fabrics.

Love that vanishing threshold ~ bringing the outdoors in and the indoors out ~ thing.
Love living in Southern California where this style is not only beautiful, but practical too.
And I always love finding a little unexpected inspiration.

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