Sunday, August 14, 2011

I love this family.

 The stars (or should I say, the clouds?) aligned on the morning 
of our family photo shoot and we had misty diffused light, perfect for portraits. 
I snapped this one with the self-timer. Do I look a little out of breath?

And it all started with these two, thirty-eight years ago.

 ~Mom and Dad (a.k.a Mimi and Topper),
still crazy after all these years~

 ~my littlest sister, Carrie, her husband Stephen, 
and their kiddos, Molly, Oliver and the youngest of the bunch, Charlotte~

These girls were cooperative little models.

~ my sister Christie and her husband Jeff
with Julia, Dominic and Carrie (Diva) ~

These boys are great buddies.

~me (Laura) and mine, Scott, 
Elizabeth, Jack and Van~

 ~ happy girls ~

~the older cousins~

~Mimi, Topper, and all the grands~


~the stinkers, these were the stubborn ones, 
but as you can see they cheered up in the end~

 Love 'em all.


  1. Thank you so much for taking these. You did such a great job! When you wrote "Still crazy after all these years" you did mean crazy as in truly crazy, right?

  2. Love all those pictures! Your families all look wonderful. Wish our Kuseske family could sit down and hang out with your family after all these years. Would be fun to catch up! Maybe in four years when we're back on furlough from Rwanda:)

  3. Carrie--Um, yes, crazy nuts.
    Rachel--That would be marvelous!

  4. So so so precious! I love all these pictures of your wonderful family. Makes me wish Fix was still in Seminary and we were eating Thanksgiving dinners with the Miller clan.


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