Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Garden Design Process {and why I love iceberg roses}

Over the last decade of gardening in Southern California, 
I've been slowly learning how to choose plants I like 
and design a garden that can grow and develop over years.

{disease resistant}

My first step is getting inspired~magazines, gardening books, 
and the beautiful yards I walk past in my neighborhood offer plenty of ideas. 

I've realized that it's important to narrow my focus~
identify the style I gravitate toward the most (for me it's French/English country-ish), 
limit my color palette (whites, pinks, blues, and purples with plenty of different shades of green), 
and make sure to repeat the same plants throughout the landscape.

 {consistent, full flowering all season long}

What I don't tend to do anymore is go to the gardening section of Lowe's or Home Depot, 
or to a nursery and just pick plants that look great. 
I've found that impulse buying doesn't pay off for me in the garden.

{prolific beautiful creamy white blooms}

If I think a particular plant will work in my garden 
I keep my eyes open for it in people's yards or in the landscaping in my area. 
You may think I'm crazy, but I then kind of stalk the plant ~ watching how it looks in different seasons, if it gets leggy or too dry and burnt in our SoCal summer. I research the growing habits and then, 
if I'm still interested, I bide my time until I can find an affordable (usually tiny) version to purchase.

{dramatic and classic in the landscape}

So, for me gardening ~ even garden design ~ is a long term process, 
and the fun is in the process of creation over time, 
watching the plants grow into the vision I have for them, 
and always making adjustments, 
enjoying the seasonal transformations, 
being willing to tear things out, cut things back, 
and try something new.

 {complements any decor}

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  1. I totally agree on you have to plan for what plants will work in your garden - not just impulse buy at Lowes. Looking at neighbor's or old established gardens are great ideas! Love your photos. Have a great night!


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