Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Flea Market Fun

Scott's Mother's Day gift to me this year was a trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. 
It was a drizzly morning as my dear friend Sarah and I drove up to Pasadena. 
We got there early-ish and headed straight for the vintage/antique section. 
The vendors were hawking their various and sundry wares--
everything from re-purposed industrial parts to vintage games.

One of my favorite spots was this eclectic collection of pendant lights and chandeliers, 
all created by the vendor in his shop.

I was also sorely tempted by this old farm table and a few others like it. The wide smooth planks and rustic feel would be just the thing to replace my rapidly deteriorating Ikea patio table.

There were Japanese floats aplenty. Many of them looked like knock-offs to me, 
but these ones had an authentic vibe. They were the size of basketballs.

Here's Sarah modeling with some vintage-industrial-whose-a-whatsit-drinking-fountain-thingy.

Speaking of vintage and industrial, this side table cranks up or down to whatever height you like and was salvaged from an old optometry office. At $750 for a pair, they were a little steep for me.

 We had to snap some pictures of this worn turquoise table, in hopes of someday building one ourselves.
It wouldn't be that hard, would it? wood it?

These metal letters and numbers caught our attention--such funky fonts and colors.

And ya gotta love a wall of apple crates. These were taken from a doctor's home. According to the sellers, he had nailed over a hundred crates to his walls and used them as bookshelves. Guess he had quite a library.

So, here are my flea market finds:

An old schoolhouse lectern

 Two wooden crates

Two vintage prints of merchant sailing ships
(Are you picking up on a theme for wall art in my home?)

 An old toolbox
(already filled with my art supplies)

And, drumroll please . . . 

the perfect lantern!

What a lucky find--and a great deal too!
(Thanks, Sarah, for the extra little nudge I needed to buy it.)

I think I will love it hanging over our dining room table,
but, as my great-grandmother used to say, "You can't tell 'til it's hooked!"
(Well, yes, she was talking about trying on clothes, but still.)


  1. Lovely! Where was the flea market?

  2. You've got such great taste? Two questions: What great grandmother? And, seriously, Laura. Wood it? :)

  3. Oops, that first question mark should be a period.

  4. Carrie--Mom corrected me, it was actually Gram--you can imagine her saying it as she made mom try on dresses...

    Ruth--It was the Rose Bowl flea market.


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