Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Hanging Lantern ~ Turquoise is the New Neutral

 Well, it took a week, two electricians, two blown dimmer switches, 
two trips to Lowe's and quite a bit of puzzled head-scratching.

(Such is life when your house is almost 100 years old 
and your wiring has been improvised by many owners.)

But, my flea market find lantern now hangs happily above the dining room table.

I think I like how the antique brass patina blends with
the wall color . . . turquoise is the new neutral, right?

I think I like how the glass reflects light
and keeps the lantern from being too visually heavy.

Yep, I think I like it.


  1. oh I love it!!! I love the whole room!! Found you from the summer link party and Im your newest follower!

  2. Love turqoise, if I had time I would take a picture of the color of my bedroom, It's granite, from Dunn Edwards,,,I love love love it, so much i painted our pool bathroom the leftover. I want so much to go to the Rose Bowl flea market. Anyway, I saw your farm table pic and and then I saw this site,, maybe you have already frequented Anna's site, if you havn't, you must, and you will love love love it too.
    It is right up your alley.

    Kids are getting over a sickness and D's leaving for the week on Monday so we won't be able to join you for the 66 words art show. Sorry to miss it.




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