Monday, July 18, 2011

Princess Party from the Past {and how to make a castle cake}

When Elizabeth turned five we threw her a princess birthday party, 
complete with etiquette lessons and castle cake.
Even though this took place a few years ago 
I thought it might be fun to document the sweetness.

I made the invitations from scrapbooking stickers and shiny purple paper 
I picked up at a yard sale (thanks Alli!).

I perused pictures of castle cakes online and came up with this design,

cut out and fluffed up some puff ball decorations.

strung some tulle streamers,

and plotted my cake construction. Here's the basic plan.

        • various candies (for cobblestones, entry decoration and battlements)
        • wafer cookies (for doors)
        • sugar ice cream cones and large granulated sugar
        • two round cakes (to make the main part of the castle in two layers)
        • six cupcakes
        • toothpicks or (even better) wooden skewers
        • plenty of frosting

        • first freeze your cake and cupcakes
        • layer your frozen round cakes and frost them
        • layer two cupcakes for each turret, skewer them for stability (the skewer can extend up into the roof (sugar cone) area
        • stack the other cupcakes on top of the round cakes for extra towers
        • frost the cupcakes
        • frost each sugar cone and roll in sugar, stack on top of the cupcake towers
        • decorate the whole shebang with candies and cookies

The birthday girl was costumed early.

Then the little guests arrived.

We helped them decorate party hats 
with stickers, ribbons, and tulle for their craft and favor.
My dear friend Melissa dressed up and taught the girls princess etiquette.

After the princess tea the girls played outside.

Such a sweet group of pretty princesses.

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