Wednesday, July 27, 2011

California Landscape with Poppies ~ Melissa's Mural

Before moving to our current home, we lived in a duplex,
and my dear friend Melissa lived next door.
We painted her kitchen a deep persimmon color
and I painted this California landscape on the wall.

A mural bridges the quickly changing, frequently re-invented realm of interior design 
with the (sometimes) more stable, longer-lasting realm of artistic creation.

Even while painting I am aware that this artwork will not always fit this space, 
that tastes change or needs change and this mural will not last.

 I'm glad I took pictures, because we sold that house 
and who knows if this even exists anymore.

I've painted a lot of murals over the years 
that have been left behind when the house was sold.

I think from time to time I'll post pictures 
of those forgotten, likely painted-over murals--

just for old-time's sake.

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