Sunday, April 28, 2013

Studio Sneak Peek

This weekend Scott's mom and stepdad came to visit and to work 
on a little project about which I am super-excited. We are converting our detached garage 
into an art studio and Alan is generously doing much of the labor to make my dream studio a reality.

This weekend he framed the ceiling and partition wall (to divide the studio side of the garage 
from the storage side), cut and installed a window, and added a door.  
{Thank you, Alan!}

Over the next month or so we'll be finishing up the electrical work, sheetrock, floor, counter and trim. We plan to install an Ikea counter and sink, epoxy the concrete floor, and I have all kinds of dreams about storage and functional design. Follow my "dream studio" board on Pinterest (see the sidebar) if you want a glimpse 
of that obsession.

The room is taking shape and I can't wait to start using it!


  1. How great that Alan is doing this for you! As I gaze on the photos and see the soffit that Alan framed out, I thought, "Hey, that's how I did it to hide the garage door when I remodeled our garage for our fourth bedroom for Christie in RPB. Alan, thanks for the confirmation that as a novice builder I did something right...

  2. Ha--I told him you did that--you were my inspiration!


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