Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Amazing Magna-Tiles ~ Toy Recommendation

I have to pass along this amazing toy that my kids love ~
(drumroll please)


They've received Magna-tiles for several birthdays and Christmases, 
adding to their collection and expanding their building possibilities.
They play with it every day constructing houses, flying ships, 
horse corrals, castles, and other feats of engineering.

 The tiles are basically indestructable plastic shapes with magnetic edges 
that click together to create all sorts of wild and useful (for play) structures. 

Jack and Elizabeth almost never use the buildings and sets that come 
with their Playmobile kits, because Magna-tile buildings are so much more versatile. 
Action figures of all sorts can make themselves at home in magna-tile land.

Yes, I do believe that is Lord Aragorn and his friend, the Playmobile guard.

And here we have a knight ready for take-off in his fighter spaceship.

Magna-tiles are a little pricey, but I definitely think they're worth it.
If you want to order some, the cheapest place I've found online is here.
(OK, now I don't feel so bad for keeping such an awesome secret.)
Have fun!

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