Saturday, October 13, 2012

Tupperware Organization {with full disclosure}

Um. I have to admit something to you. 
I have a discipline problem. 
I'm great with intentions and planning and envisioning the perfect _______ . 
(Just fill in the blank.) 
But I'm not very good with follow-through. If it's a short term, projecty, 
boom-and-then-it's-over kind of a thing then I really shine. But the laundry . . .

Coming to this realization has been really helpful. 
Any new attempts to get my life in order are made with more realistic expectations, hoping for modest gains, and once I find a system I can maintain I feel a real sense of achievement.

Enter my tupperware problem. Does this look familiar to you? 
It occurred to me a year and a half ago that the frustrating experience of never being able to find a matching lid and barely being able to close the tupperware drawer could maybe (maybe?) be remedied.

So I took everything out, stacked like shapes, and threw away any lids with out bottoms and vice versa.  I came up with the brilliant plan (via google) to keep lids in a separate container and I found an old plastic crate in the garage to corral the bottoms.

Then I waited to see if I would follow through and keep up the system. 
A week passed. A month. A year. 
And so, it is with great pride that I present to you my tupperware drawer a year and a half later ~


Ta da! I have a new and improved green crate and (you may notice) 
my super-organization has resulted in some color-coordinated decorating pride.

{Full disclosure: This is what the other counter looked like when I took this picture.}

And, my little helper . . .

Three cheers for self-awareness, low expectations, and little victories!


  1. I'm impressed. I did the same thing you did a while ago, but it fell into disarray rather quickly. So, I threw out every piece of gladware-type container. I bought nice rubbermaid w/ interlocking lids-- only the amount I thought I'd use (about 8-12). I think b/c I paid money for them I keep track of them better and they don't easily get tossed out.

    Van is so big and old! And, cute! He can help with my dishes anytime.


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