Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Church or a Clean Club? {what do you think?}

My dad recently posted some encouragements, challenges, and reflections on the church as a clean club. He tells about a friend who came to the following conclusions about the church ~

Maybe that the Church seemed to be made up of pretty decent people who, more or less, were doing pretty well with this Christian life thing.  That all was pretty good in the lives of the flock. No big struggles with sin.  No bouts with doubts.  And that just didn't describe his life which was fraught with struggles and weaknesses.  The Church, in his eyes, seemed to be the place for the mostly-together-good people, a clean club.

So, what is wrong with that?  Well, there's nothing wrong with people doing OK.  But there is something wrong with the idea that the Lord's house is a place for people who are not that bad, people who are pretty good.

Read more at The World's Ruined.

What do you think? Anything worth considering here?

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