Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Some thoughts on peace {and a little bit of Christmas decor}

The Christmas season is a strange paradox. This time set aside to reflect on and remember 
the silent night, the coming of the Prince of Peace
is so full, brimming over with scurrying here and there, performances, purchases, post office visits, 
and any number of (good and lovely) celebrations and gatherings. 

Anyone who has spent time with me lately knows that I've felt too busy. I think I need to learn to choose more narrowly, saying no to some of the good to preserve some more of the peace and rest 
that I would love to know in this season. It's a perennial problem. I was in the same mood last year when I wrote these two posts.

 Much as I want our home to be warm and festive 
I just don't have much to give to the decorating this year. So I kept it simple.

~ Christmas cards taped on a garage sale frame~

~ a (very) short stack of red books ~

~ stockings ~
(Anyone know where I can find a third like these?)

~ nativity ~ 

~and a festooned goose~

~  plus the  Fu Manchu and homemade wreath ~

Now the big events are over, the shopping is (almost) done, 
the Christmas forecast is warm and sunny and my wonderful parents are joining us for the weekend. 

I'm hoping to take some deep breaths and enjoy the slower pace, and my dear ones, 
and the many reminders of the Savior's birth, who has brought us true peace, 
lasting peace, and by his blood has reconciled us to God.

May you and yours know the everlasting peace of the Savior, 
who is Christ the Lord, this Christmas.

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