Saturday, June 25, 2011

Grain Sack Bolster Pillow?

 I recently took a trip to Ikea with the goal of buying 
some folding patio chairs to replenish our supply. 
Sadly, they had none. All gone. Oh well.

I did, however, find this woven striped rug--
not too painful an impulse buy at $3.75.
And, I got out of there spending less than $25, 
which is pretty impressive--I'm sure you agree.

Inspired by, Rie at Home & Harmony
I imagined this rug (and it's twin, which I also bought) 
as a bolster pillow with a grain sack look.

So I rummaged around until I found some scraps of dropcloth 
left over from my first slipcover adventure.

I   cut  tore some long strips and tied up 
an old floppy pillow to make a long roll shape.

Then I rolled the pillow up in the rug 
and tied the ends with more strips of dropcloth.

Hmm. Did this work?
Does it look more like a slightly nautical, vintage-y grain sack bolster pillow,

or, like a pillow rolled up in a rug?

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