Thursday, February 3, 2011

Yo Ho a Pirate Party!

(This actually took place last fall, 
but I thought it was still worth sharing.)

I think it all started with my nephew, Dominic, and the Backyardigans
I've never seen it, but I have heard preschooler
renditions of it a-plenty:

A pirate, a pirate, a pirate says,

(You really do need to squint and growl when you say it.)

From there we progressed through lots of Yo Ho's and Aye Matey's, 
on into Neverland and the infamous Captain Hook, 
culminating in Jack's 4th birthday party: 
The Pirate Party.

The ship's wheel was a garage sale gift from Jeni at Found Rentals
Lucky me that she was unloading this nautical treasure just 
a few weeks before my dining room became Pirate-land. 

I picked up the red and white striped fabric at JoAnne's--
lot's of bang for my buck.

The treasure chest was another happy garage sale find.

Favors were part of the decor--
pirate's booty and chocolate gold coins 
wrapped in grey cheesecloth and tied with twine.

The invitation read, 
"Ahoy ye scurvy dogs! 
Get ye to Captain Jack's ship for a pirate party 
or it'll be the plank for you! 
Pizza will be served to pirates and their mateys."

I had a lot of fun with the cake. 

The Playmobile pirates and treasure island props 
were part of Jack's birthday gift.

The sand is crushed graham crackers.

The water is white frosting 
and light blue frosting mixed just a bit.

I wanted a variety of shades of blue to create a wave-effect.

Always freeze your cake before you frost it. 
This will cut down on the crumbs getting caught in your frosting.

 We played "Pin the Patch on the Pirate."
I made the pirate from black cardboard and scrapbooking paper.
(I found this idea here.)

 We also played "Walk the Plank," a pirate-version of musical chairs.
Instead of just being "out," the chairless child each round 
had to walk on an old board to the prize bucket and pick a pirate prize
  while the other kids chanted, "Walk the plank!"

Of course, the kids marched to Disney's 
"Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me."
You can download it on itunes.

You gotta love four-year-old boys, 
ahem, I mean pirates.

Blowing out the candles ...


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