Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Less than perfect

I don't really like my dining room chandelier.

But I do like it's shadow silhouette on the wall.
In the spring the light comes in and creates this image
every afternoon for a few weeks.

But most of the time I hang stuff up on it and stick things into it.

It is constantly changing.

This is what it looked like for my daughter's 5th birthday--the princess party.

For a while it was hung with white paper flowers I had torn up and glued together.

Here it is on my daughter's 6th birthday--the butterfly birthday party.

We had a big windstorm just before Halloween this year
and my daughter collected the windfall branches.
So I stuck a bunch of twigs and sticks up there--
kinda spooky...kinda autumnal...

A few weeks later my Christmas birds found a home...

So much for a chandelier I don't love.
I guess I do love the constantly changing palette it provides.
I think less than perfect inspires me to experiment.
Hmmm...there's probably a deeper meaning in there somewhere.


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